Imperial Salts offers exceptional eco-friendly and budget-friendly deicing services that guarantee satisfaction


When you choose to work with Imperial Salts, you are getting the highest quality product and service. Our company is proud to have a salt depot at 4084 Albion Road for contractors to pick up a few yards at a time.


The team at Imperial Salts are proud to deliver bulk road salt (white) and ClearLane (green salt) by the triaxle/triaxle & pup load to businesses, condos and residential communities throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas.




Imperial Salts is proud to deliver the highest-quality white bulk road salt by the triaxle and pup load to Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our white bulk road salt is aesthetically pleasing and will not leave any residue on your roadway. This white salt effectively prevents ice from forming and melts snow and ice on paths, driveways and roads.

The ClearLane pre-wetted deicer is renowned in the snow and ice industry for managing roadway ice and snow. This practical deicing solution has been awarded the Design for the Environment label by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Moreover, it’s incredible efficacy reduces high product costs, high labour costs and equipment corrosion.

Less Scatter

Our salt has 30 % less scatter than plain rock salt, reducing the product usage by 20-40%

Less Corrosive

ClearLane salt is three times less corrosive than regular rock salt, stretching your budget farther and your thinning your environmental impact.

Melts Ice

Our salt products effectively melts ice at colder temperatures when white salt becomes ineffective

Green Colouring

Our ClearLane salt products have a special green colouring for easier identification in parking lots, on roadways and driveways.


At Imperial Salts we believe in providing our clients with the highest-quality deicing services in Ottawa. Our primary focus is to ensure client satisfaction and we do this by using the most efficient machinery, the most well-trained staff and a philosophy that respects both the environment and your budget.

With same day salt delivery and deicing services available, you can rest assured that you and your family, your business and your community will be well taken care of all winter long

Eco-Friendly and Budget Friendly
Exceptional Deicing Service
Reduced Product Usage & Labor
Same Day Delivery



More effective deicing, safer for the environment by ClearLane®


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